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Sator Announces NFT Drop of 10,000 ‘Satorverse Guardians’

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Press Release

Jan 4, 2022 19:00 EST

Sator, the disruptive blockchain-based content engagement platform, launched the campaign, “Guardians of the Satorverse,” today which culminates in the largest NFT drop to date on Sator: 10,000 Satorverse Guardian NFTs. The drop takes place on both Sator’s app as well as Sator’s desktop NFT marketplace.

In space-meets-metaverse style, Satorverse Guardian NFTs portray extraterrestrial avatars. Satorverse Guardian NFTs mine SAO tokens directly into holders’ wallets. Holders can also use a Sator Guardian NFT as their profile pic inside the Sator app. 

Satorverse Guardian NFT collection starts dropping on January 12. Every two days, from January 12 to January 30, 990 NFTs drop each time (100 remaining can only be won playing the newest games launching inside Sator). 

Every Satorverse Guardian NFT…

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