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Sargis Saribekyan’s New Book, ‘Fireflies Christmas Wonder’, Follows the Great Holiday Adventures of the World’s Happiest Campers

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Recent release “Fireflies Christmas Wonder” from Covenant Books author Sargis Saribekyan is an adorable tale that follows the flight of fireflies as they discover and unwrap the miracles of Christmas.

Press Release

Dec 28, 2021 06:00 EST

Sargis Saribekyan, a priest serving at Armenian Apostolic Church in Arizona, has completed his new book, “Fireflies Christmas Wonder”: a fun narrative about the adventurous and always-curious fireflies as they explore endless things and places with their glowing lamp. They soon learn and discover that the world is surely a wide cauldron of surprises—especially in Christmas time.

Saribekyan shares, “Can you imagine Christmas without Christmas lights? This is one of the legends of how little fireflies transformed an evergreen into the first Christmas tree.

Inside of me,…

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