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Rona Davis’s New Book ‘On and Off: My Parkinson Challenge’ is a Stirring Memoir That Discusses the Author’s Journey With Parkinson’s and Ways She Copes With It Every Day

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Press Release

Oct 25, 2022 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books trans author Rona Davis, a veteran and parent of three who held a career in the software industry as a software architect, has completed her most recent book “On and Off: My Parkinson Challenge”: a powerful look at the ways in which the author has learned to manage her Parkinson’s disease to the best of her abilities, and how the approach of Parkinson’s research to find a cure must change.

“There is a sense to Parkinson’s, but sometimes we are all too occupied with our daily hell to notice between the ON and OFF states management and the pain,” writes Davis. “The research community is in no better shape; neither is the medical community. Modern medicine…

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