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Romain U. DuFour, III’s New Book, ‘Optimism in the Viral Pandemic’ is an Edifying Work on How to Stay Positive Throughout the Pandemic Crisis

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Recent release “Optimism in the Viral Pandemic” from Covenant Books author Romain U. DuFour, III is a compelling exposition that presents simple ways on how to maintain the positive outlook on the world where COVID-19 exists.

Press Release

Dec 28, 2021 06:00 EST

Romain U. DuFour III, a psychology graduate, has completed his new book, “Optimism in the Viral Pandemic”: an uplifting read meant to spark hope in these trying times. As the world bowed down to this malevolent epidemic, the author hoped to cheer up his readers by giving them tips on how to fully adjust to the new normal while keeping the optimism within.

DuFour III shares, “The times in which we live are filled with turbulence. No one knew that an invisible viral threat would become one of the contributing factors in the world and society’s chaotic…

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