Revit for Newbies


One day, while I was working on a 3D modeling project, a thought occurred to me. There are so many folks out there who are dealing with high gas prices, inflation, and fluctuating economy. So many of them have jobs that don’t pay enough to keep up. Many of them would jump at the chance to learn a new skill that could bring them higher pay and be more rewarding. Still others would love to branch out on their own and start a business with a bankable skill that is in demand. Yet so many of these folks have no idea what skill would fill the void and how they can learn it without having to go back to school.

While I was pondering this, I was becoming increasingly grateful that I acquired the very bankable skill of 3D modeling. Then another thought occurred to me. Since I know this skill pretty well, why not teach it to others? Why not create a course that many of these folks I mentioned could take to learn this skill for themselves? I could craft it in such a way that enrollees can easily grasp it and then can expand from there. I could make it affordable for the folks on a tight budget, too. Low and behold, Revit for Newbies was born!

Here is just some of what you will learn on the course.

I will introduce you to the Revit software interface and its basic functions. Then I will move you on to creating your first 3D model.

Next, you learn how to create a 3D family with an extrusion and how to insert and use it in your 3D model.

Moving on from there, I will show you how to create a 3D void within a Family.

From there, you will learn what Work Planes are and where and how to use them in your 3D model.

Plus, I will teach you how to create Drafting and other views that will be placed in 2D sheets.

You will learn about 2D sheets in Revit and how they are similar, yet different from AutoCAD sheets.

I will show you how to add views, text, and dimensions to the sheets.

Finally, I created a neat bonus video that you will absolutely love!

I want to take a few minutes to explain some benefits you’ll get from enrolling in Revit for Newbies.

First you will learn a new skill that is in high demand in many industries like Architectural firms, Construction firms, Media Companies, Structural firms and more.

Second you can take this new skill and become a freelancer and start to work for yourself. You could go further with that turning it into a full-time business. The sky is truly the limit.

Third you will have a highly bankable skill even if you are already in one of the aforementioned industries as a 2D drafter or similar.

By bankable I mean you’ll have the potential to command a higher salary than before or higher freelancing fees from clients.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, too!

There are many more benefits, also. I imagine you can think of one or two yourself!

If you (or someone you know) would like to acquire a new skill in 3D modeling that can increase your potential for a higher paying job or command higher fees from potential clients, then my course is for you! There is also a free-to-join Revit for Newbies interactive Community that every purchaser of my course will be automatically enrolled in. This is very helpful as you will all be learning together and can help each other, daily. I will be there, too.

You can find more details about Revit for Newbies and purchase the course right here:

Finally, if you have any questions about my course and would like to contact me, feel free to do so. I can be easily reached at the following web address: