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Researchers across Europe are raising awareness for reliable research

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25 outstanding researchers from the EU project Path2Integrity are advocating for innovative educational tools to strengthen society’s trust in science and train the new researchers to conduct responsible research.

Cologne, Barcelona, Varna, Coburg, Madrid, Warsaw, Sofia, Esbjerg We all have high expectations on scientific results. COVID-19 has shown everyone how important research is for society. Researchers are developing vaccines and medicines so that the world can get a grip on the virus and we can all return to normal living.

Professor Maria Leptin

The path from being a high school student to becoming a scientific researcher is demanding. Not getting lost on this path and staying on the right track – that’s what the 25 outstanding international researchers support in the project Path2Integrity. They are lending their images and scientific credentials to emphasise quality safeguards within research. These role…

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