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Research highlights coffee’s impact on sporting performance

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Recent research reveals a range of physical and cognitive benefits that could improve athletes’ performance across sports at this summer’s events

Thursday 01 July 2021 – With many major sporting events taking place this summer, across multiple disciplines, a review of the latest published research by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee has highlighted the impact that coffee, through the bioactive compounds of caffeine, can have on participants’ performance.

A large meta-analysis of 21 studies suggests that caffeine does so in a range of exercise tasks, including muscle endurance and muscle strength. This review also suggests that the effect on aerobic performance (longer duration) seems to be greater than anaerobic exercise (quick bursts)[1]. In fact, aerobic endurance appears to be the form of exercise with the most consistent moderate-to-large benefits from caffeine use[1].

Dr. J. W. Langer, a Danish…

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