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Reid Champagne Emerges as the Sultan of Satire with His Book, “An American Walkabout”

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New York, NY, August 17, 2021 –(PR.com)– Reid Champagne is one multitalented individual; he’s known to be a romance author, best-selling writer, American humorist, and funny observer who has been selling his words for over 35 years now. He’s recently taken to Amazon to publish his book, “An American Walkabout,” which rightly crowned him the Sultan of Satire. He also religiously posts his hilarious work on his blog.

Satire is a form of art that makes the subject look ridiculous in an attempt to raise laughter. It’s the oldest literary genre that the classical rhetorician Quintillian coined. Thereon, the Romans released three varieties of satire:

1. Horatian satire that’s for the light-hearted and good-natured that seek laughter for moral improvement.

2. Juvenalian satire expresses anger and outrage toward the state of the world with words that are dark and bitter.

3. Menippean satire for prose work that associates with an original…

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