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“Realms of Passion” by GrayBeat

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Minneapolis, MN, August 29, 2022 –(PR.com)– For your consideration, “Realms of Passion” is a forthcoming track from GrayBeat releasing on September 9. GrayBeat is the solo project of Minneapolis-based producer Robin Sedivy, whose inventive sound has been described as a mashup of James Blake and Aphex Twin.

(Private) Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/graybeat-107061980/realms-of-passion/s-FluSBPxn4Po

Photos + Artist Bio – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Nzt6Tlk4S3OMpjEFVKcdBwpchO-N1mhE?usp=sharing

This pulsating love song was influenced by Odesza and Lady Gaga. Waves of nostalgia will teleport you back to your innocence, as you bask in the warm, glowing sunrise.

The track’s creative process arose when a fan contacted Robin about creating a love song as a gift for his partner. The resulting sound is a combination of his fan’s powerful vision and message channeled through Robin’s sonic sensibilities.

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