(FEVR): An Sports Platform that Aiming to Create a Fantasy Football Web3 World


What is RealFevr ecosystem and what are the roles of FEVR tokens?
RealFevr is a Portuguese Web3 startup building an ambitious Sports GameFi ecosystem around licensed sports digital collectibles and video games. RealFevr is also a fantasy football app. According to official sources, there are currently more than 2.5 million downloads, 1.2 million registered users and 10 national leagues, 3 international club competitions and major European team competitions, including top 5; Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.
Currently, the RealFevr ecosystem consists of 3 main pillars: Sports Moments Marketplace – where you can collect, buy and sell (peer-to-peer) fully licensed sports video moments as digital collectibles. FEVR Battle Arena – Here, football moments become in-game assets and are given new life in this turn-based strategy game. Fantasy Leagues – Here you can play in the biggest soccer leagues in the world, including the official Portuguese men’s and women’s fantasy leagues.
Based Binance Smart Chain, FEVR Token is the main fuel of the RealFevr ecosystem. The goal of the token is to be used as a reference currency in the NFTs marketplace. Essentially, any action that takes place within the RealFevr ecosystem will be conducted with FEVR tokens as the base currency.

FEVR Tokens Overview
Token Name: FEVR
Total Supply: 16,000,000,000 Total Circulation: 7,396,000,667 Listing
Trading Pair: FEVR/USDT
Trade Time: 28 December 17:00 2022 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time: 28 December 17:00 2022 (UTC+8) Trade FEVR/USDT on Coinstore

What are the utilities of FEVR tokens?

Buying NFT Packs: Packs that are purchased on RealFevr’s website during “Drops”. Each pack contains sports collectible moments (fully licensed), which you can only buy with $FEVR token.

Staking: You can deposit your tokens in staking pools and earn interest (choosing between fixed, flexible and LP flex available staking pools)

Gaming: $FEVR is the currency of FEVR Battle Arena, the first sports web3 turn-based strategy game where RealFevr collectibles become in-game items.

NFT Marketplace: $FEVR will be the main currency of RealFevr’s NFT marketplace.

Clubs Launchpad: Football Clubs can license their IP to RealFevr and join the ecosysrtem via FEVR tokens and launch NFT Packs.

Borrowing and Lending (Coming Soon): By using the $FEVR token, users will be able to collect, borrow and lend digital collectibles. When a user lends a collectible, he will get $FEVR tokens as payment. When a user borrows a collectible, he will pay $FEVR tokens to the lender.

Realfevr (FEVR) Tokenomics



FEVR Token Allocation


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