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Rare NFT Created by Naomi Osaka Hits Market Ahead of U.S. Open

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Osaka’s 1-of-1 NFT from Record-Breaking April Collection Accepting Offers Starting at $200,000

Press Release

updated: Aug 30, 2021 07:15 CDT

The sports memorabilia and NFT markets continue to break trading volume records in 2021, and now a rare non-fungible token created by Naomi Osaka will go up for sale, according to promoter Cool Media PR.

In April, Osaka and her sister, Mari Osaka, dropped a six-piece collection of 1-of-1 NFTs. The NFTs were individually auctioned on retail marketplace Basic.Space, and they collectively sold for nearly $600,000. One of the editions was purchased for $200,200, which, to date, is the highest single NFT sale by a professional tennis player.

Now, the owner of the sixth and final Osaka NFT is putting the piece of digital artwork up for sale, hoping to capitalize on the…

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