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Property Developer, Nao Group, Champions Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Easing Continues

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London, United Kingdom, August 26, 2021 –(PR.com)– Nao Group is proud to be leading the way in hybrid working solutions as professionals find new ways to collaborate post-pandemic.

According to data from YouGov, the past 18 months have been a watershed moment with 82% of people working from home more often. As lockdown measures have gradually relaxed, an increasing number of major firms are now exploring alternative working models.

The move away from a permanent office base has not been without challenges for both companies and their employees. A recent report showed that 75% of office workers believed that home working had blurred the lines between their personal and professional lives. Almost half of those surveyed admitted to using work devices for “life admin,” while 30% had allowed others to use their professional laptop.

These figures are eye opening, and it’s unsurprising that businesses are looking for better ways to…

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