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Principled Technologies Releases Two Studies Comparing Time and Effort for Server Management Tasks with Dell OpenManage Enterprise vs. a Manual Approach

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Durham, NC, November 29, 2022 –(PR.com)– Some of the routine tasks that administrators must handle include monitoring and capping power consumption and applying firmware updates across server clusters. Dell OpenManage Enterprise is a management tool that can automate some routine tasks. Using varying numbers of Dell PowerEdge servers, Principled Technologies (PT) tested two management approaches: a manual approach and automation using Dell OpenManage Enterprise (OME) or Dell OME Integration for VMware vCenter.

According to one report, “Not only was updating the server firmware easier with OpenManage Enterprise, the cluster-aware extension completed the task in the same amount of time and steps regardless of server count, whereas the manual approach required more time and steps with each additional server.”

The report about Power Manager states, “Completing… sustainability-based tasks with Power Manager 3.0 was faster and…

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