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Principled Technologies Releases Studies Comparing the Networking Performance of a Dell PowerEdge R750 Using a Single 100Gb Broadcom NIC vs. Four 25Gb NICs

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Durham, NC, November 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– Demanding workloads such as high-resolution video require fast networking to move files quickly, consistently, and without degrading quality. While in theory you can achieve 100Gb networking capability with four 25Gb NICs, using a single 100Gb NIC could be better for performance. Principled Technologies (PT) tested a Dell PowerEdge R750 server using two networking approaches: first, a single, modern Broadcom 57508 Dual Port 100Gb NIC, and then achieving the same bandwidth capability using four 25Gb NICs.

In the iPerf test report, Principled Technologies reports: “We found that the PowerEdge R750 with Broadcom 57508 NIC offered stronger and more consistent bandwidth performance (see page 3) across all numbers of instances (TCP streams) we tested. For example, at four TCP streams, the Broadcom 57508 solution achieved an average of 99.1 Gb/s during the test, while the four-NIC solution…

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