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Principled Technologies Finds That Intel Core i3-1215U Processor-Powered Systems Can Offer Better System Responsiveness for Some Education Apps

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Durham, NC, January 20, 2023 –(PR.com)– To help promote higher-order cognitive activities in students, educators can turn to applications in the Intel Skills for Innovation framework such as CoSpaces Edu. A more responsive system running those applications has the potential to provide a more immersive and collaborative learning experience, which could also help maximize learning outcomes. In testing conducted by Principled Technologies, two Intel Core i3-1215U processor-based laptops were more responsive than their Intel Celeron N5100 processor-based counterparts. The Intel Core i3 processor-powered devices saved time on tasks in applications such as CoSpaces Edu, Blender, Labster, and more.

According to the Windows device report, “Compared to the Intel Celeron N5100 processor-powered system, the Intel Core i3-1215U processor-powered system saved the most time on any of the Blender tasks when rendering a 3D image—over 26…

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