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Prepare for Unique Gameplay – Horizon Blast Raises the Bar for Mobile Gaming Apps

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Los Angeles, CA, May 24, 2023 –(PR.com)– Between iOS and Android there are roughly 500,000 mobile game apps, tens of thousands of which are copies of one another, some so similar it’s hard to tell the difference between them.

That is why the launch of Horizon Blast – Alien Invasion by Undisciplined Games is something the mobile gaming world should relish. It is rare these days to see a game app with such a unique user experience and gameplay.

Horizon Blast takes users on a futuristic sci-fi journey through 10 different planets and 100 unique levels. The premise of the game is the user’s home planet has been destroyed, so they must venture out in the universe to not only find a new home, but to seek revenge on the enemy.

In this classic arcade thriller, users enjoy three types of levels where they must swipe Enemies into Portals at the top of the screen, collect Artifacts by swiping and throwing Stones at them, and kill Bosses…

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