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Polar proof of neXat’s globality at Ukrainian Antarctic base

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21st September 2022 – Scientists monitoring the ozone hole and water ecosystem from a Ukrainian research base in Antarctica will have better access to connectivity options thanks to a cloud-based services platform.

The National Antarctic Scientific Center (NANC) has connected to neXat, a capacity aggregator and PaaS, to monitor the signal levels, real-time traffic, service outages and network issues of its satellite connectivity.

Vernadsky Research station, Antarctica. Image credit: ravas51 on Flickr

neXat is enabling the NANC, which is based at Vernadsky Research station, located on Galindez Island in the Argentine Islands, to do this without the need to install a physical teleport.

The organization, part of the Ukrainian government’s Ministry of Education and Science, will also have the ability to pay for added capacity via direct ticketing and access added-value services.

“We’re delighted to be helping the NANC to continue its…

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