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Pia Gladys Peréy Names Top 10 Colors of the Year for Bridesmaids

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Global bridal design authority Pia Gladys Peréy shares the Top 10 colors for Spring/Summer 2022 and Fall/Winter 2022.

Press Release

Dec 31, 2021 14:00 PST

Global bridal designer Pia Gladys Peréy is the go-to authority for brides looking for stunning, complementary dresses for their bridesmaids. Peréy introduces the Top 10 colors for bridesmaids in 2022 using Pantone® colors for reference. 

Top of the list for Spring/Summer 2022 is Very Peri (17-3938). Pantone® Color of the Year. “When I see Very Peri,” says Peréy, “I am imbued with a sense of royalty, luxury, and power. It is a return to a bygone elegance and an inspiration for what lies ahead.”

Spun Sugar (Pantone® 12-4401 TCX) comes in a close second. Peréy describes it as an “Ethereal, serene, and playful color.”

Gossamer Pink (Pantone® 13-1513…

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