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Peter Licari’s New Book, “Multiple Sclerosis CAUSE AND EFFECT,” is an Eye-Opening Look at How Incredible Amounts of Stress Can Impact One’s Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

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Lindenhurst, NY, January 05, 2023 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author Peter Licari, a proud father who has authored three books, recorded two CDs with his band NORTH, and had a public-access TV show for two months which he wrote, directed, edited, and starred in, has completed his most recent book, “Multiple Sclerosis CAUSE AND EFFECT: How Stress Impacted My Thirty-Year Journey with Multiple Sclerosis”: a profound memoir that reflects upon the author’s experiences with multiple sclerosis, and the ways he believes stress lead to his diagnosis and other issues within his life.

“I finished my first book, ‘Multiple Sclerosis: A Blessing in Disguise,’ around the end of 1998,” writes Licari. “At that time, I was going through a lot of issues that I thought were very important to me. That book told of my discovery, my eventual acceptance of the illness, and how I dealt with what was happening to me. Like anybody else who is…

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