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Partnerships Among Collegiate Athletes and Emerging Brands Are Getting Hotter Than a Texas Summer

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Holy Kombucha and Quinn Ewers considering a relationship to raise awareness of healthy beverages and the Hope Squad.

Press Release

updated: Aug 2, 2021

As the Texas summer heats up so do brand relationships among future collegiate athletes. The recent changes regarding the ability of amateur athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness has thrown an unexpected fork in the road for many high school students including Quinn Ewers of Southlake, Texas. Ewers first became aware of Holy Kombucha through his mother, who has been a long-time Holy Kombucha enthusiast and is now a fan of their newest offering, Holy Tepache.

Holy Kombucha™ and Quinn Ewers are exploring a relationship to promote healthy, functional beverages and support youth mental health through their partnership with Hope Squad. Hope…

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