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Ozan SuperApp Now a Member of BKM (Interbank) and Troy

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A Super-Step Forward: Ozan SuperApp supercharges its presence in Turkey with two crucial memberships.

Press Release

updated: Aug 27, 2021 23:00 +03

Ozan Elektronik Para, trading as Ozan SuperApp, proudly announces a significant milestone in bringing individuals and businesses together with high-end financial technology services. 

Ozan SuperApp’s official BKM (The Turkish Interbank Card Switch) and Troy (Turkey’s domestic card scheme) membership enhances the global fintech’s presence in Turkey further. Ozan SuperApp now has direct access to the Turkish interbank network and is authorized to issue Troy debit cards directly. This is a journey enabling Turkish e-commerce growth, as well as foreign access to the Turkish market.

Licensed by the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and…

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