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Opening New Frontiers in Oral Care and the Cannabinoid Market

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San Diego, CA, June 04, 2023 –(PR.com)– Belgian company Cannibite has recently made waves in the dental and pharmaceutical industries with its ground-breaking patent for the prevention and treatment of dental pulp-related diseases. The patent, which can be found here, presents a unique opportunity for Cannibite, a registered company in the USA, to collaborate with partners in the pharmaceutical and oral care sectors for further research and development.

With the potential to new horizons in dental care, Cannibite’s patent has garnered significant attention due to its high commercialization prospects. The company aims to capitalize on the rapidly growing cannabinoid market, leveraging the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids to address critical dental care needs.

By approaching partners from the pharmaceutical and oral care industries, Cannibite seeks to propel advancements in the field, furthering the research and implementation…

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