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OliveX and RCFC kick off Asia’s first football NFT deal

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  • RCFC NFTs will be auctioned from early October 2021
  • Special promotions will include real-life meet and greets and one year’s free access to RCFC games to successful collectors

27 August 2021 – At a Hong Kong media conference Keith Rumjahn, founder and CEO, OliveX, Harry Tang, chairman, RCFC Football Club, Hanson Wong, president, RCFC Football Club and Lam Chun Kit, RCFC captain revealed the details of Asia’s first football NFT deal.

OliveX, the Hong Kong-based digital health and fitness company, is partnering with RCFC, which plays in the Hong Kong Premier League, on a revenue-sharing basis to develop and launch the NFTs.

RCFC NFT Card Design

The project is focused on building the club’s fan community and generating excitement around the club as well as building new revenue streams to support the club’s growth.

(Video and photography of the new RCFC NFTs and the event are available)

Keith Rumjahn, CEO, OliveX said: “This…

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