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Obvious Wines Launches Unprecedented Lifelong Membership Program, Providing Members Wine for the Entire Duration of Their Life

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Life of Wine – Obvious Wines’ New $6,000 One-Time Purchase, Lifelong Membership – Essentially a Roth WineRA

Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

“Life of Wine” is Obvious Wines’ new lifelong wine membership: for $6,000 members get the ability to order four bottles of wine per month, every month, for the rest of their life at no additional cost. Any wine currently listed on the Obvious Wines website is eligible for order, shipping and taxes are covered, and limited-edition wines are also eligible.

“What if you always knew you had a quality wine to come home to? What if you never had to worry about having wine for an unexpected guest again? What if you were always prepared to bring delicious French sparkling wine to any event on the calendar?” asks Brice Baillie, Obvious Wines founder and CEO. “Working in the wine trade, we…

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