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Norwegian Group Katapult Ocean Invests in ecoSPEARS Environmental Startup With NASA Clean Water Technology

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94% of U.S. rivers sampled by the U.S. EPA contained Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and other Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). ecoSPEARS is a cleantech company with NASA-developed green remediation technology that extracts and destroys toxins from land waterways – forever. ecoSPEARS was selected for investment from Norweigen sustainable ocean fund and accelerator Katapult Ocean.

Press Release

updated: Oct 13, 2020

ecoSPEARS understands that toxins are polluting land and waterways. When these contaminants remain in the environment, they can cause congenital disorders and diseases to animals and people. ecoSPEARS develops climate-friendly technology solutions to remove the toxins from the environment, so everyone has access to clean water, clean food, and clean air. 

In the selection process,

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