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Noah Carpenter’s New Book, ‘A Time Between’, is Compelling Tale That Goes Back to the Beginning, to the Children of the First Man Who Became the Devoted Ones

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Recent release “A Time Between ” from Covenant Books author Noah Carpenter is an intriguing tale of the children of the first man, the founding of the Devoted people. Going back to the beginning of the world, this story tells of the records and memories that have survived through generations.

Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

Noah Carpenter, a follower of Christ who enjoys traveling to absorb the history of other countries has completed his new book, “A Time Between “: a compelling tale of the first Devoted people at the beginning of the world.

Carpenter writes, “These tales began with the founding of the Devoted people and the persecutions that led to their banishment from the kípos (garden)by others envious of their great faith. The first leadership of the Devoted Ones was struck down by the Creator for being greedy…

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