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New Survey Reveals 73% of Internet Users Are Targeted by Scammers

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Though 48% of the respondents admit to have fallen for a scam; 74% of consumers still think they can recognize scams before it is too late.

Press Release

Oct 27, 2022 13:30 CEST

According to research conducted by The Global Anti Scam Alliance and ScamAdviser of 3,500+ internet users, 73% of respondents are either sure or think that they have been exposed to a scam last year.

74% believe they can recognize scams; 48% fell for them

Similarly, this year’s survey has found a small increase of 3 percent, from 71% to 74%, of respondents that claim they can confidently identify a scam. In spite of this, however, 48% of respondents still fell for a scam. It…

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