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New Spy Novel, by Enigma CEO, Receives Unanimous Praise

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London, United Kingdom, August 21, 2021 –(PR.com)– “It’s amazing.” – Bob Mills, Talk Radio.

“Gripping. A compelling read.” – Dr. Liam Fox MP

“This book is a masterpiece.” – GoodReads

“Astoundingly powerful and wholly satisfying.” – Gold Wind Publishing

“Scintillating and thrilling.” – GoodReads

The new novel by political strategist Sven Hughes, has received unanimous praise in the run up to its 6th September release.

The book reveals the clandestine work of “Psychological Operations” and the grey zone war currently being fought between NATO and Russia.

A former PsyOps and Special Forces reservist, Sven Hughes is the CEO of Enigma Strategic Communications Ltd. He has completed behaviour change campaigns for Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royal households, militaries, governments and corporate clients. He has lectured on the future of strategic communications at the House of Lords and Shrivenham Defence Academy. He is…

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