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New RADOX® OFL™ cables will increase safety and operational lifetime in the Oil & Gas industry

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A new portfolio of innovative cabling solutions will set a new benchmark for the oil & gas industry, as HUBER+SUHNER targets to address key safety, efficiency and delivery challenges for onshore and offshore applications.

Four new RADOX® OFL™ cable solutions will be launched over the next 18 months, tackling critical demands in offshore cabling that will save space, reduce costs and decrease CO2 footprints significantly.

RADOX® OFL™ cables

The RADOX® OFL™ cable portfolio enables the offshore industry to reduce cable weight on a platform by up to 50 percent, thereby potentially saving offshore facilities several hundreds of thousands of dollars in structural construction costs.

All of the cables feature a lightweight, compact design that is significantly more flexible than conventional cables, enabling tight bending where space is critical. Additionally, RADOX® OFL™ cables feature a thinner cable wall which reduces stripping…

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