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Nass Valley Launches New Corporate Website

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Vancouver, Canada, August 18, 2021 –(PR.com)– Nass Valley Gateway [CSE: NVG.CN] has officially launched the new corporate website at nassvalleygateway.com.

The new site takes into account the smartest best-practice features, such as being fully mobile-responsive, a clean and fresh layout, high-quality images, and new font sets that make the site easier to navigate and read.

“Our goal was to gives users an enjoyable experience,” said Brandon Gil, Director of Marketing for Nass Valley. “A clean and simple user interface is critical to ease-of-use and a positive overall impression of the company.”

The site is designed to help people get to where they need to be in less clicks and with less overall stress, which is one of the foundational goals of the company – to improve the lives of everyone who meets one of Nass Valley’s communication touch-points.

The company invites everyone to visit the site at…

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