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Naki Daniels’s New Book, “Days Without You: The Eyes Lies,” is an Assortment of Poems from Deep Within the Author’s Soul Aimed at Providing Comfort to Those Who Need It

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Brooklyn, NY, January 23, 2023 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author Naki Daniels, who finds strength and healing in writing poetry, has completed her most recent book, “Days Without You: The Eyes Lies”: a stirring collection of poetry that takes readers on a personal journey through the author’s very soul as she reflects upon her life and the world around her.

“Being mistreated brings pain and sadness that tear through my veins,” writes Daniels. “Learning how to avoid people who have negative energy. Suffering through things over the years and feeling left out, stuck between two realities, and watching the world move as I stay behind. I am sharing my darkest secrets, being much more aware of myself as a positive energy person who goes through things. Understanding things has helped me see the world differently and put things into perspective and realize the true value of life itself.

“Writing poetry makes me feel better and…

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