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MYST™ Toothbrush Breaks Speed Record for Dental-Grade Toothbrushing and Teeth Whitening in Only 30 Seconds.

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Press Release

updated: Mar 23, 2021

What has your toothbrush done for you lately? According to leading dentists and dental hygienists, often more harm than good! It is estimated that 90 percent of all cavities are the result of improper brushing, such as brushing too hard or not brushing for an entire two minutes, twice a day. That’s why dental care professionals are enthusiastic about an innovative new alternative to the mistake-prone toothbrush: MYST™.

The MYST™ automatic toothbrush is a portable, fully rechargeable antibacterial silicone mouthpiece that provides a satisfying dental-grade cleaning and teeth whitening, reaching hard-to-reach areas and sensitive gum lines, in just 30 seconds. “Many people don’t consistently brush correctly or long enough,” says Dr. Jim Collins, DDS., an authority in oral…

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