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Moolec Science Presents Third Quarter FY 2023 Business Update

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Moolec Science SA (Nasdaq: MLEC) a science-based food ingredient company focused on producing animal proteins in plants through Molecular Farming, today reported its business update for the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2023 ended March 31, 2023.

The main highlights of the Company’s business update are as follows:

  • On January 3, the Company started trading on Nasdaq under tickers “MLEC” for the common shares, and “MLECW” for the Company’s warrants.
  • Progress in the company’s R&D and Regulatory front is on track:
    • Meat replacement (YEEA) scaled-up in R&D stages and new meat proteins were successfully expressed. 
    • Meat replacement product pipeline made significant scientific progress to produce animal proteins in plant hosts. 
    • Regulatory clearance from USDA-APHIS for Molecular GLA safflower plants was achieved.
    • Molecular Safflower seed…

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