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ModWash Car Wash: Another Positive Ripple to Hit Washington, PA

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Washington, PA, May 11, 2023 –(PR.com)– The brand-new ModWash in Washington will have an infectious energy and feature a wide range of cutting-edge facilities and technologies. With every car wash, ModWash offers free vacuums, air tools, automatic mat cleaners, microfiber towels, and their famous ModAir™ freshener. Their main objective is to give exceptional customer service and provide a welcoming environment in which you can relax and take care of your car or truck. Time is a rare commodity these days and the time-saving amenities offered by their express car wash are perfect for a busy lifestyle. Guests have the option of purchasing a single wash or a ModMembership, which entitles them to an infinite number of washes each month.

ModWash is dedicated to preserving the environment through its use of biodegradable cleaning agents and cutting-edge machinery that carefully monitors water consumption. Traditional car wash methods,…

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