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Mobile Mark Features the RM-WB1, a Superior Antenna for Industrial IoT Applications Requiring 5G Sub-6 Coverage

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Itasca, IL, September 14, 2022 –(PR.com)– This Omnidirectional surface mount antenna contains a single antenna element covering 617-960 MHz & 1700-6000 MHz. It is housed in a rugged, robust antenna radome made from ABS plastic. Coverage on other bands includes Band 71, starting at 617 MHz, CBRS at 3550-3700 MHz, and LAA at 5 GHz.

The antenna is well suited for Industrial IoT applications that capture relatively small quantities of data and can therefore rely on a single antenna element to transmit the data. Video streaming applications will be better suited for one of the Mobile Mark MIMO antennas, or two RM antennas can be combined to achieve 2xMIMO coverage. Smart City Lighting, Parking Controls, or Roadside Monitoring Boxes are ideal applications for this antenna.

The RM-WB1 antenna is ground plane independent and was designed to be mounted on a metallic housing such as a Roadside cabinet or a CCTV camera. In additional to fixed…

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