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Mission-Centric SKYCHARGER Brings EV Charging Stations to Upstate New York

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SKYCHARGER’s low-cost EV charging solution offered by Renua Energy prepares customers for future demand

Press Release

updated: Aug 24, 2021 12:00 EDT

It is expected that each year the number of EVs on U.S. roads will increase. Sources have articulated numbers that increase 2% each year, and ultimately approximately 30% of all vehicles on the road by 2030 will be electric. This year SKYCHARGER teamed with Renua Energy in the foothills of Upstate New York to prepare for the surge in demand for EV charging. With that in mind, Deric Buck, Owner of Kingsbury National and Bay Meadows Golf Clubs, took the first step and met with Dave Byrne of Renua Energy to learn more about how he could offer the amenity at both of his establishments.

“It is important to us to provide our patrons with quality courses,…

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