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Minimize Ultrafast Pulse Spreading with Low Group Delay Dispersion Optics Manufactured by Edmund Optics®

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Press Release

updated: Aug 12, 2021

Edmund Optics®, leading global manufacturer and supplier of optical components, now internally manufactures short pulse optics with low group delay dispersion (GDD) out of Edmund Optics Florida, formerly known as Quality Thin Films (QTF). These optics minimize chromatic aberration and pulse spreading in ultrafast laser systems, resulting in higher peak powers.

Before being acquired by Edmund Optics, Quality Thin Films (QTF), a leading laser optics manufacturer, had the ability to design and coat low GDD optics, though they lacked the metrology required to verify the specifications. Customer feedback showed that the optics performed well, but this could not be confirmed in-house. Edmund Optics uses white light interferometers and an in-house ultrafast laser to measure GDD,…

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