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Michael Williams’ new book, ‘The Boys of Milo’, is a narrative depicting the true accounts of the Milo boys who served in the military, many of whom were sent to Vietnam

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Recent release “The Boys of Milo” from Covenant Books author Michael Williams is a touching tale of the lives of battle-scarred boys from Milo who witnesses their peaceful days turn for the worse and their innocence forcibly ripped off to become harsh soldiers of war.

Press Release

updated: Aug 27, 2021

Michael Williams served in the United States Air Force for four years (1970-1974) and the air national guard for 21 years (1977-1998). During active duty, he served as a fire protection specialist, 15 months of which were in Southeast Asia. As a member of the air national guard, he served in fire protection for nine years, another two years on the editorial staff of the military publication (Intake). The last 10 years of his military career were served as the historian for the 132d Fighter Wing. He…

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