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METRO/MAKRO encourages people all over the world to order Christmas menu at a restaurant nearby

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The wholesaler METRO/MAKRO has launched an extensive campaign on TV and online, which will be shown across the globe. METRO/MAKRO wants to support the gastronomy sector, while at the same time showing everyone an opportunity for a pleasant respite from the challenges of their everyday lives during lockdown.

The objective of the global campaign “Give your kitchen a break” is to encourage as many people as possible to order their menu for this year’s festive season at a restaurant near them. Following recent months, during which daily life – including all its new and old challenges – has taken place in people’s homes for most of the time, now at least the kitchen at home gets a break. On the other hand, the global COVID-19 pandemic has already led to high revenue losses in the hospitality industry this year. That’s why, by launching this campaign, METRO aims to further support the food service industry.

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