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Memories of a Madam; Rhonda Shear Celebrates the Life of Friend Jody “Babydol” Gibson

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St. Petersburg, FL, January 05, 2022 –(PR.com)– Two blondes walked into a party… At the height of popular late-night B-movie/comedy show, USA: Up All Night, the bubbly host Rhonda Shear was immediately drawn to a kindred spirit in the beautiful and effervescent Jody Babydol Gibson at one of Hollywood’s glittering parties of the 90’s. The night they met Rhonda asked Babydol, a recording artist, to come on the show. She showed up at the first of many appearances on USA: Up All Night wearing her latest cassette release as a hair clip. For years Rhonda and Babydol worked together on projects and appeared together on shows, but in all that time Rhonda never realized that her dear friend had been living a secret double life.

While Babydol spent much of her time recording in studio and caring for her many pets, her alter ego was quietly building a reputation as Hollywood’s “Super Madam.” She corralled nearly 300 escorts and…

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