Meet the Next Global Pop Sensation and Mastermind Behind Brass Bacon: Ziggy Zeigler


Ziggy Zeigler, the music mogul who grew up in the foster care system in Phoenix, AZ, is seeking to raise up to $10 million for his entertainment company, Brass Bacon. After growing his company into the globally recognized brand that it is today, the young entrepreneur decided his main goal would be to help and inspire artists, creatives and listeners alike to become financially free. Zeigler is of the mindset that it’s important to be in the business of making millionaires, he attributes his success to helping put everyone around him in a position to win. Zeigler’s background, rough upbringing and his star power, coupled with his dynamic personality, makes him the perfect candidate to inspire others through his music and his artist direct label.

Zeigler turned his passion for film, music, and events into a thriving business. Brass Bacon is more than just an entertainment company; it’s a platform for artists to develop stronger communities around their music and create rewarding financial opportunities for those communities. Zeigler’s vision is to ensure global reach, encouraging people to realize their dreams of becoming financially free while feeding their families.

Since its inception, Brass Bacon has become another revenue stream for Zeigler. Through it, he has curated and produced the Brass Bacon College Tour, the Ziggy N FRNZ Tour, co-founded Campus Lens and Momentum X Production, and generated over $1 million dollars independently as an artist.

Zeigler is looking to raise up to $10 million for the first round of investments to take Brass Bacon as an artist direct label, to the next stage of development. The goal is for Brass Bacon to perform at a higher level with the likes of OVO and Cactus Jack while building out the infrastructure for the community building aspects.

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