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Mark Glaab’s Newly Released “Can We Believe Genesis in an Age of Science?” is a Compelling Argument for the Infallibility of Biblical Truth

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New York, NY, March 17, 2023 –(PR.com)– “Can We Believe Genesis in an Age of Science?”: an articulate examination of the Book of Genesis. “Can We Believe Genesis in an Age of Science?” is the creation of published author, Mark Glaab, who is the pastor of Faith Alive Family Church in London, Ontario, Canada, where he serves with his wife, Anita. In the past, Mark has also written computer curricula along with software self-help books.

Glaab shares, “According to many Christian leaders, early Genesis is a myth or allegory.

“Therefore, Adam and Eve never lived, Eve was never tempted, and Adam never sinned. There was no creation week, so God did not make the earth, the stars, the birds, fish, or the animals. This has become the default position of many Christian teachers, ministries, and campuses. This is not just mainline churches, but evangelicals have joined the ranks of doubters in creation.

“This is a reaction to the…

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