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MAGNAK® Electrolyte Hydration Launches Additional Flavors and Unveils New Packaging

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MAGNAK® Endurance Mix is a magnesium-rich electrolyte formula that lessens muscle cramps during endurance training

Press Release

updated: Aug 13, 2021

IGH Naturals, a nephrologist-owned startup and the makers of MAGNAK®, a proprietary electrolyte formula, announces that they are launching additional flavors and packaging to expand their inventory. The company adds single-serving stick packs in flexible stand-up pouches in two additional flavors for athletes engaged in endurance training. Currently, MAGNAK® Electrolyte powder mix is available in 30-serving tubs.

The company attempts to expand its inventory by offering a variety of flavors and convenient packaging that is vital for today’s athletes. “We listened to our customers. We were frequently asked about additional flavors and single-serve…

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