LUCA: Native cryptocurrency of ATM


LUCA: Native cryptocurrency of ATM

LUCA is a native cryptocurrency issued by the Autonomous Trust Momentum (ATM). It serves as a token that rewards users who establish Consensus Connections within the ATM meta-community. LUCA has a currency coefficient of 5 and aims to motivate users to build stable connections, contributing to the growth and development of the blockchain community. The value of the reward is determined by the parameters of the connection, allowing users to earn additional revenue while maintaining the original currency value. This mining of value from consensus connections is made possible through the implementation of PageRank, which gathers and connects ATM’s relative consensus. LUCA aims to become one of the major currencies circulating within the ATM community and the broader economy. It emphasizes the concept of relative consensus, recognizing the strength in numbers, trust, and momentum.

LUCA Token Overview Listing 

  • Trading Pair: /USDT
  • Trade Time: 18 May 2023,18:00 (UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal Time: 18 May 2023,18:00 (UTC+8)

What are the utilities of tokens?
The LUCA token has several utilities within the Autonomous Trust Momentum (ATM) ecosystem. Some of its key utilities include:

  1. Consensus Connection Rewards: LUCA rewards users who establish Consensus Connections within the ATM meta-community. Users earn additional revenue while retaining the original currency value by participating in these connections.
  2. Value Equivalence: LUCA aims to become one of the major currencies circulating within the ATM community and the broader economy. It serves as a store of value and a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.
  3. Staking Rewards: Users can stake LUCA directly or stake LUCA locked inside a consensus contract. Staking allows users to earn rewards based on the amount they stake. ATMRank validators and top master node users receive staking rewards.
  4. Cross-Chain Benefits: LUCAs on public chains are distributed to ATM’s public deposit smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This enables users to create consensus connections and obtain benefits across multiple chains.
  5. Governance and Community Fund: A portion of LUCA tokens is issued to a community fund, which is jointly managed by community members. The fund is used for LUCA distribution, growth, and liquidity rewards. Community members with high PR values have control over the fund’s management.

These are some of the utilities of the LUCA token within the ATM ecosystem. The token plays a vital role in incentivizing participation, promoting consensus connections, and facilitating the growth and development of the community.

Which infrastructure does the project ecosystem include?
The project ecosystem of the Autonomous Trust Momentum (ATM) includes several key components:

  1. LUCA Token: The native cryptocurrency of the ATM ecosystem, which serves as the primary medium of exchange and store of value within the community.
  2. Consensus Contract: The infrastructure that enables users to establish Consensus Connections and participate in the consensus-building process.
  3. ATMRank Algorithm: A system that calculates daily PageRank (PR) values of users based on the consensus connections and other parameters. It helps determine the distribution of rewards.
  4. Community Autonomy: The community comprises members who actively participate in the ATM ecosystem, including users, validators, and stakeholders. The community plays a role in governing the ecosystem and managing the community fund.

These components work together to create a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem where users can earn rewards, contribute to consensus-building, and participate in the growth and development of the ATM community.


How to create consensus connections?

User A connects his/her wallet with ATM platform and sets up a consensus contract which initiates a request to establish a connection to user B. If B agrees, the contract will be executed, and the consensus connection will be successful. Both users need to confirm Locked Token, Investment Amount, and Lock-up Time. During this lock-up period the contract cannot be cancelled by User A or User B independently, but instead must be cancelled jointly. ATM believes that the network that will emerge from the technologies deployed by ATM will be the core of a new generation of decentralised economy. 

Autonomous Trust Momentum – ATM

ATM provides a smart contract known as a Consensus Connection, which allows users to connect with each other on the multiple public blockchains that support smart contracts. Through consensus connection, users can receive rewards according to their PR value. LUCA  held on each public chain will be sent to a public deposit smart contract where users can withdraw at any time. Consensus Contracts are the underlying technical features of ATM. With the creation of the Consensus Contract the decision is removed from individuals and moved to the connections between them; “Isolated Consensus” becomes “Related Consensus”. As more and more consensus contracts are created, a relative consensus network will emerge- creating a more prosperous and sustainable place.

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