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Lissette Aguilera’s New Book ‘Two Punk Kids Who Saved Christmas’ Is A Holiday Story About Remembering Friends and Finding Happiness

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Press Release

Jan 13, 2022

Fulton Books author Lissette Aguilera, an excellent author, has completed her most recent book “Two Punk Kids Who Saved Christmas”: a lighthearted tale that follows two kids, Jessica and Nicole, as they set out on a mission on a beautiful Christmas evening. Sneaking in to grab a tree, they enjoyed running across the town to surprise their friend, Lissette.

Aguilera writes, “True story, and it happened like this…”

Published by Fulton Books, Aguilera’s book is a great piece of children’s literature, a Christmas story about friendship and the holidays. Not expecting she’s going to have this kind of Christmas, Lissette was thankful for the friends she has.

This tale also brings a message about thoughtfulness in friendships and how friends who think of one another will save themselves from…

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