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Lincoln Pawn Shop, Launches Speciality Services for Gold, Bullion, and Fine Jewelry in Anaheim, CA; Announced Free Appraisal Services

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Anaheim, CA, August 06, 2022 –(PR.com)– Lincoln Pawn Shop announced they have 25 years of combined expertise and are now offering free appraisal services on gold, gold bullion, fine jewelry and other luxury products. With the years of experience provided through the shop the appraisal service offers accurate valuation of products brought into the store.

Appraisal services means the expert pawnbroker develops and opinion of the value of the luxury item they are assessing and provides a fair market value based on current market information and trends.

Appraisal considers condition, size, quality, weight, trendiness, brand name, spot price for precious metals, and sellability.

By doing expert appraisals, the pawnbrokers at Lincoln Pawn Shop can provide consumers with an offer to buy or pawn their item. Consumers looking to purchase affordable luxury items at the shop can rest assured that the price tag reflects current market value.


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