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Leyton partners with Arctic Shores to scrap the CV and reduce recruitment costs by 90%

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  • By scrapping the CV and adopting Arctic Shores’ assessment, Leyton’s new cohort was three times more productive than its traditional counterparts

London, UK; Tuesday 13th September 2022: Leyton, the international consulting firm that helps businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate growth, has saved 90% in recruitment costs for one business area by partnering with Arctic Shores, the psychometric assessment pioneer.

Rather than adopting a traditional recruitment process with applicants submitting a CV, Arctic Shores worked with Leyton to create a ‘success profile’ – a strong cognitive and behavioural view of a candidate – which maps against the top performers in that business area. Candidates are then scored against that success profile and invited to interview if they are a good fit for the role and organisation.

Arctic Shores Founders

Instead of relying on a CV to outline past experiences, the Arctic…

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