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Laird Hammons Laird Law Announces Release of Documentary: System Breakdown – the Tragedy of Marconia Kessee

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Press Release

Dec 20, 2021 15:00 EST

Chris Hammons of Laird Hammons Laird Law firm and Liquidfish Productions announce the release of System Breakdown: The Tragedy of Marconia Kessee

Innocent lives lost in jail cells is not an uncommon occurrence, yet their stories are seldom told. This short-form documentary chronicles the untold story of Marconia Kessee, a mentally ill homeless man who tragically lost his life in 2018 in Oklahoma’s Cleveland County jail. System Breakdown goes beyond just the tragic outcome of Kessee’s fate at the hands of police, and examines the preventable medical and law enforcement process failures that ultimately contributed to Kessee’s death. 

On Jan. 17, 2018, City of Norman police officers responded to a seemingly common hospital transport request and unexpectedly arrested Kessee after he…

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