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Kyle Ruffin’s New Book ‘In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story’ Chronicles a Family Warrior’s Journey in the Face of Stroke

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Press Release

Jan 13, 2022

Fulton Books author, Kyle Ruffin, a marketing and communications consultant with a long career in the media and nonprofit fields, has completed her recent book “In Stroke’s Shadow: My Caregiver Story.” “In Stroke’s Shadow” is a real and brave testimony of a daughter who put her own life on hold after her mother had a stroke. Throughout the challenging aftermath, she stood up and braved her heart in the anguish. This memoir is through the lens of a caregiver sharing her firsthand experience.

“When Kyle left her marketing position at one of Philadelphia’s iconic media outlets to start her own consulting business, she thought she was finally in complete control of her life. She had no idea things were about to take a sudden and dramatic turn. A few short months after launching her dream, Paula, Kyle’s…

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