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Kryptonite Solutions Present MRI Projector and MRI Compatible Monitor

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Mumbai, India, January 11, 2022 –(PR.com)– Many people experience anxiety during MRI scans and can get claustrophobic as well. The fear of getting suffocated during the MRI scan causes stress, and there are many ways by which anxiety and fear can be reduced. Kryptonite solution’s MRI projector was initially introduced for patients with fear and anxiety during the scan. Another purpose of the projector is to modify the scan room and transmogrify the room’s ambience. This way, the patient finds the whole process of scanning relaxing and comforting. The ambience of the room makes the room more interactive virtually.

The MRI projector aims to reduce the cancellation of MRI scans by patients who have a fear of confined spaces. The suffering is understandable, and around 12-13 per cent of people go through it. The focus of the projector is directed towards the MR scanner or walls. The videos or photos (as per the patient’s demand) are…

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